Friday, April 25, 2008

The Curious Incident of the Mouse in the Night Time

There was a note on the door of my apartment building when I got home from work last night saying there would be a mandatory inspection of each apartment today.

I think I might have an idea why. It seems there's a bit of a mouse issue in our building, and I for one am happy that they are finally going to figure out what's causing it. I know it's not my unit, because I spend far too much time cleaning to have a mouse problem. And the ones that are there just seem to be passing through and not booking an extended stay.

My suspicion is that crazy dead dog lady is behind the dirty apartment that's inviting the rodents in. I've never seen her place, but I can't say there is a pleasant smell coming from it when I walk by...and then you factor in the whole dead dog event plus my experience last weekend with her, and I'm thinking maybe she doesn't quite have it all together.

Anyway, this mouse investigation can't be done soon enough after my unfortunate run-in with one of the visitors last night. While cooking dinner (ok, I was warming up leftover idiot-proof-dinner-in-a-bag in the microwave), I was tidying up the kitchen a bit. I picked up my Homer Simpson pot holder and was about to hang it on its wall hook when I noticed it felt a little heavy. I squeezed the finger end and a mouse appeared at the opening. He was kinda chill, like, "yeah...can I help you?" I screamed and dropped the pot holder on the floor, and the mouse made his get-away.

And if this maintenance inspection doesn't eradicate the problem, then I guess it's up to me to begin the full-on mouse assault. I won't settle for the "nice" mouse traps this time, it'll be snap traps. Not the sticky traps, the last thing I need is a three-legged mouse bleeding all over the place.

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